Massive 'Terminator/RoboCop: Kill Human #1' Review

I just stumbled across this. I've always loved everything Terminator and RoboCop, so I had to stop and check out this comic review. Here's a taste:
"It would be foolish to compare this piece work to Frank Miller & Walter Simonson’s RoboCop vs. Terminator miniseries from long ago – where the focus was squarely placed on the character of RoboCop, and his desire to change what seemed like an inevitable future. That approach emphasized the character’s humanity through selfless nobility. This story – based on this first issue, in any event – is focused more on the world of the Terminator, and how RoboCop finds himself trapped in it. It’s an interesting angle, to be sure, and writer Rob Williams does come up with a few bits to emphasize the specific abilities of both leads."

Newsarama's Deniz Cordell gives a full overview.


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