'Empty' Trailer

Check out this indie. Looks interesting, but I love "end of the world" stuff. Here's the rundown:

Charming young slacker Dell Hansard (Jon Carlo) is in love with beautiful Piper (Ashley C. Williams). He makes an impromptu proposal on a weeklong camping trip, but Piper, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, hesitates. On their way home they stop at a gas station and are surprised to find signs reading "closed indefinitely due to the gas crisis".

Having been away for a few days, the young couple does not realize the world is in the grip of crisis. They are stuck in the middle of nowhere and soon find out they must fend for their lives. They sleep at a nearby abandoned motel, where a manipulative manager swindles them out of their last dollars. Things worsens when they are robbed of everything valuable they have. This is more than a crisis; the young lovers have returned to a world that has been completely turned on its head. This may well be the end of the world as they know it, and they never knew what happened. Can they stick together and survive, or is their love not strong enough for the challenge?

Empty asks the question that all of us may one day find ourselves having to answer: Where will YOU be when it runs out?


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