Star Trek RPG: Vice Admiral Fowler Garrett's House on Earth

I designed my Star Trek character's house on Earth with TinkerCad. Check out images and the complete character.


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Dr. Moldak, Chief Medical Officer - USS Enterprise I

This is the other character I play in our Star Trek: The Role-Playing FASA campaign.

Dr. Moldak (mol-dak)

Benzite, Male, Age: 50

Rank: Commander

Str: 46
End: 66
Int: 99
Dex: 61
Cha: 31
Luc: 01
Psi: 01

Benzites come from the planet Benzar and have two opposable thumbs on each hand. Benzites of the same "geostructure" look identical. They've done a lot of genetic tinkering with their DNA to enable them to survive. A breathing device is worn on the chest and when taking a deep breath mist is visible.

Dr. Moldak is a human medical specialist (90) and a Exobiologist (91) as well as a surgeon (84) and Pathologist (71).

To his great shame he spent 2.5 years as a midshipman unable to pass a cadet cruise. He never talks about this willlingly and only with great shame. Though, this time was very helpful for him to learn the culture of Starfleet and humans. Command recognized this and gave him the time he needed. But he thought he was failing and at one point almost resigned.

After he began his tours he applied himself harder than ever to his job and won four Outstanding and one Excellent OERs from his commanders before being assigned to the Enterprise.

He has won eight medals including the Purple Heart with his hightest medal being The Legion of Merit.

He plays the Benzite Water Flute (8) and dabbles with sculpting (10) and writing (22). He likes Greek Mythology (3) and cooking (10).

He has never married or had children. (Though, he has donated DNA to the geostructure three times, so in reality he could have hundreds of children.) Beyond kid stuff, he was in a serious relationship with a Vulcan female (another officer) for several years. Their focus on their careers split them up. Only shipmates he had at the time or close friends know about this chapter of his life. He still loves her deeply.

He doesn't become angry easy. Usually, if he gets angry it's because of injustice or the inability to help someone who is injured or sick. His most common reaction to difficult situations is depression. He is mostly happy and secure. Though, if something upsets him he's most likely to withdraw not enter into conflict.


Born: 2382

Entered University: 2400 - Life Science Progam, Majors: Exobiology, Biology

Entered the Academy: 2404

Entered Medical Branch School: 2408 - Majors: Human General Medicine, Pathology

1st Cadet Criuse Mil Ops: 2411.5 - Midshipman - USS Oklahoma
2nd Cadet Criuse Col Ops: 2412 - Midshipman - USS Cortez
3rd Cadet Criuse MM: 2412.5 - Midshipman - USS Ferriman
4th Cadet Criuse Col Ops: 2413 - Midshipman - USS Zheng
5th Cadet Criuse MM: 2413.5 - Midshipman - USS Viraat

First Tour Col Ops: 2414 - Ensign - Medical Officer - USS De Gama

Second Tour CC Gal Ex: 2418 - Lt. JG - Medical Officer - USS Intrepid

Department Head School: 2421

Third Tour Terraforming: 2422 - Lt. - Assistant Chief Medical Officer, Exobiology Team Lead - New Brasilia, Axon VI

Fourth Tour Gal Ex: 2424 - Lt. Cmdr. - Chief Medical Officer - USS Poseidon

Command School: 2427

Fifth Tour Mil Ops: 2428 - Cmdr. - Chief Medical Officer - USS Roanoke

Sixth Tour Enterprise: 2432 - Present - Chief Medical Officer


Starfleet Service Record: GARRETT, Fowler James

My character in our FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game campaign.

Vice Admiral
GARRETT, Fowler James (Human/Deltan)
Superintendent Starfleet Academy
Age: 47

Irulan (Deltan)
Ambassador, Writer & Painter
Age: 34

Current Residence
Australia, Pacific Coast

Built into a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, this handsome residence also has a number of rooms underground and underwater.  

Legion of Honor, Starfleet Medal of Valor, Ribbon of Outstanding Bravery, Legion of Merit, The Knight Revis, Andorian Battle Star, Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry, Denebian Swan of Merit, Grankite Order of Honor, The Star Cross with Clusters, Prantares Ribbon with Gold Clusters,  Starfleet Medal of Honor with Clusters

The Ruins of Tau Seta as Oliver Crocket - Poor Seller

The Rim as Kermit Webb - Poor Seller

The ‘Dr. Jonathan Renninger, Archeologist’ Series as Jasper Bass

The Bones of the Ancients #1 - Modest Seller
The Shards of Kanara #2 - Modest Seller
The Rings of Antarus #3 - Poor Seller

Possessed: An Encounter with a Spaceborne Psionic Entity - Poor Seller

Striving Among the Stars: Starship Combat in the New Era - Best Seller

Two Days on Galador: Winning the Medal of Honor - Poor Seller


Father - Garrett, David James (Human, Australian Descent)

Mother - Lyinneran (Deltan)

His father made a fortune investing in bio-techs. He pooled all his money and resources and purchased the mineral rights for a huge portion of the Ahnert-Rohlfs Belt in the Independence Core System. He formed Garrett Rare Earths and began mining the claim himself about two years before Fowler was born.

Healthy and extraordinarily active at 82, David still heads Garrett Rare Earths which has grown into a sizable corporation worth roughly 3.8 billion credits. It is well known that David wishes Fowler to resign Starfleet, so he may take over the reins of Garrett Rare Earths. He’s also suggested that if Fowler doesn’t want to run the company, he should enter politics.

After the divorce, Fowler’s mother returned to her home world. She held several diplomatic positions as well as several corporate ones. She now lives in semi-retirement doing consulting work as a telepath for DelaGen Corp.

Life and Career

Born - 2385 - Starbase 164 - (Fowler’s paternal grandaunt was Captain Rachel Garrett.)

Raised on his father’s ship, SS Calvados, an asteroid mining vessel. (Seen here at Spacedock Frost on Freeman’s World in the Independence Core System.)

Parents divorced. His father maintained custody - 2397

Attended Vyssotsky High School on Independence Core - 2399 

At high school, is Deltan half caused many problems. He almost failed his sophomore year, but his parents stepped in and got him back on track. He buckled down and affirmed the vow of celibacy that most Deltans take when dealing with non-Deltans.

He graduated Valedictorian.

Attended the University of New Paris, where he majored in Archeology and Anthropology. To please his father he minored in Economics and Trade & Commerce - 2403

He graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Attended Starfleet Academy - 2407

He graduated Valedictorian.

Attended Nav/Helm Branch School - 2411

Cadet Cruise
Colonial Ops: Midshipmen - Conn Trainee - USS Cook - Prantares Ribbon - On Away Team mission he saved the lives of sixteen colonists - Graduated High Honors

1st Tour
Galaxy Class: Lt. JG - 3rd Shift Conn - USS Constellation - 2414

2nd Tour
Galaxy Class: Lt. - 2nd Shift Ops - USS Essex - 2415

Department Head School - 2420

3rd Tour
Military Ops: Lt. Commander - Ops - USS Minotaur - 2421

Command School - 2422

4th Tour
Military Ops: Commander - First Officer - USS Bismarck - 2423

5th Tour
Galaxy Class: Commander - First Officer - USS Yorktown - Medal of Honor, the Galador Incident under Captain Data - 2426

6th Tour
Galaxy Ex: Captain - USS Argo - 2427

7th Tour
Enterprise Class: Captain - USS Enterprise I - 2429

Married - 2431

8th Tour
Vice Admiral - Superintendent Starfleet Academy – 2432

Starfleet Academy Leadership Structure

Ex astris, scientia - "From the stars, knowledge."
 - Starfleet Academy Motto


Usually held by a Vice Admiral. Duties: The equivalent of a college president. He oversees all of the school's functions.

Commandant of Cadets:

Usually held by a Captain. Duties: The Commandant of Cadets is responsible for the professional development and day-to-day activities of all Cadets. His title equates to the Dean of Students at a civilian university.

Academic Dean: 

Held by a civilian. Duties: Oversees the academic program and the faculty.

Board of Advisors:

Usually retired Admirals and sitting politicians. The Federation President chooses 6 members. The Federation Vice President chooses 3 members. Starfleet C-in-C chooses 2 members. The Federation Council Pro Tempore chooses 4 members. There a total of 15 members.

The Academy command structure is never really explained, so I took the structure from the US Naval Academy. I use this when playing FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game.

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