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How did I miss this? ( I seem to be saying that a lot.)

One of my favorite post-apocalyptic movies is Salute of the Jugger or as it's called in the States, The Blood of Heroes. In it a strange post-apocalyptic game is played. Now, people are playing the game in real life. Actually, they've been playing it for awhile mostly in Germany and Australia.

I love this. I want to play!

Pics of the new 'Superman'

'Jonny Quest' Intro Remade in Claymation

Jonny Quest Opening Titles from Roger D. Evans on Vimeo.

This is simply awesome. Fan-made, claymation, Jonny Quest... I'm for it.

'Fallout: Nuka Break' Fan Film

How'd I miss this? Now, a web series.

'Fallout: Nuka Break' Web Series

Ha! I love it when fans take matters into their own hands. If you love the Fallout games you'll love this.


Classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Covers

Some beautiful covers from my ERB library. Hopefully, I'll get my Tarzans up soon.

Massive David Warner Interview

I love David Warner. Startrek.com did a huge interview with him. Here's a bit:
Someone said "Would you like to meet William Shatner." I said, "I'd be delighted." I went into an office and there he was. As far as I know they wanted me for it, instead of having me audition and screen test. The part itself was not all that huge. Actually, it was bigger than it turned out in the film, because they'd cut quite a bit out of it. So I was actually just standing around on the Enterprise bridge for the most of it. So that's it, I was just offered the part. I'd just arrived and was living in Los Angeles, and I've been offered a job in Star Trek. "Thank you."
Read more.

New 'World War Z' Pics

DC Comics 'The New 52' Trailer

New 'Avengers' Image

'Final Fantasy XIII-2' Trailer

'Colombiana' Trailer


'Real Steel' Featurette

'Hawken' Trailer and Clips

Post-apocalyptic first person mech shooter? Bring it on. I hear the movie rights were just picked up as well.


'Blackthorn' Trailer

Butch Cassidy returns in an epic adventure in Bolivia. Looks interesting.

"Underworld: Awakening' Trailer

Battlebots are Awesome!

I want a new Battlebots TV show! Now! Seriously, I loved this show.

I'm posting some cool vids, so everyone can see the awesomeness of Battlebots. Follow them on YouTube (another channel) and Twitter.

Let's make Battlebots so popular that they will have to bring the TV show back!


Bring Back Battlebots! - Qel'Narin

Qel'Narin loses his cool once again. This time he demands the return of a Battlebots TV show or he will destroy the Earth. If I were you I'd do what he says...


'The Thing' That Was Remade

The Thing that was remade of maybe it should be The Thing that wouldn't die. What is the fasination with this story?

It started life as a classic sci-fi story called, "Who Goes There?" It was taken and crafted into a classic film that set a standard for sci-fi films in 1951 called, The Thing from Another World. In 1982 the story once again became a film, this time horror what the name of the game. Now, a new version is coming to the big screen.

Let's look at some art and images from the different takes on the classic that is, The Thing.


'TRON: Uprising' Trailer

Science Fiction Pulp Covers Collection

I love old sci-fi art. I'm always looking for good images. These are just some covers I've gathered.