Art Director of 'Prometheus' Speaks

Paul Inglis, art director of Prometheus, gives some insights into the production:
'One of the diverse projects turned out to be a much anticipated movie shrouded with secrecy. “UK producer Mark Huffam, who was on Game of Thrones, moved on to Prometheus [2012],” explains Paul Inglis as to how he became involved in the science fiction tale helmed by the man responsible for Thelma and Louise (1991) and Gladiator (2000). “Ridley Scott has a lot of ideas he throws into the mix; his mind is incredibly energetic, he is very good at clearly describing what he wants and why he wants it. At the same time he’s happy for people to bring ideas to him, to integrate them into what he’s already doing. He is by no means set in his ways; he is more collaborative than you might expect. But at the same time he brings such a wealth of good ideas to the table that it can look a bit like a one-man show.” As to how one devises an imaginary world, Inglis states, “If it’s something quite futuristic science fiction like Prometheus, the Alien prequel, we have concept artists working in conjunction with the Director and the [Production] Designer creating looks for spaceships and environments, whatever they may be. From that we will add our layer of authenticity because some concept art can be quite esoteric and impressionistic, or sometimes it can be more complex than it is possible for us to make no matter what the budget.”'
Check out the whole massive interview at the Flickering Myth Blog.


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