Patrick Stewart Interview

Interview With 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Screenwriters


'In Time' Posters

I've been a fan of Andrew Niccol's since Gattica. His new movie, In Time, sounds good. I'm hoping it is.
"Writen & Directed by Andrew Niccol 'In Time' is set in a futuristic society in which aging can be stopped/controlled. As a result, time becomes the preferred form of currency."

Are Violent Video Games Preparing Kids for the Post-Apocalyptic Future?

I haven't stopped laughing yet! Awesome!

'Post Apocalyptic Mayhem' Trailer

Looks kind of fun. But I think I need more than racing and crashing.

'Breathe' - A Short Post-apocalyptic Film

This is pretty sweet. Very ambitious.


Here's a nifty little alien invasion movie from YouTube.

'Skyrim' Trailer and Pics

First Pics from the New 'Ghost Rider'


'Total Recall' Pics


'Battleship' Trailer and Poster

I don't know what to think about this. I know Cameron slammed it, but he should know you can't make an original story blockbuster unless you're James Cameron. So marketing ties aside, it looks kind of fun.

Two Awesome Interviews Talking Voltron!

New 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' Featurette


Concept Art for 'Fire and Ice' Remake

Robert Rodriguez is planning a live-action remake of the animated classic Fire and Ice. Check the rundown:

"From his stronghold in Ice Peak, the evil Nekron sends forth a wave of deadly glaciers, forcing humanity to retreat to Fire Keep, a kingdom ruled by a generous king. When King Jarol’s daughter Teegra is kidnapped, young warrior Larn teams with the mysterious and legendary Dark Wolf, to rescue the princess and the realm from Nekron’s evil sorcery."

Tons of New 'Resident Evil' Coming

I've never played the games and probably never will, but I've been enjoying the movies for quite some time. Now, the Resident Evil franchise seems to be in overdrive with numerous projects in the works.

Get the scoop.

Voltron Video Game Trailer

In October you will be able to get your Voltron on. You get to form Voltron and fight Robeasts with friends. No word on how the coop part works yet, but it's nice to see the Defender of the Universe start to get his due.

Massive 'Terminator/RoboCop: Kill Human #1' Review

I just stumbled across this. I've always loved everything Terminator and RoboCop, so I had to stop and check out this comic review. Here's a taste:
"It would be foolish to compare this piece work to Frank Miller & Walter Simonson’s RoboCop vs. Terminator miniseries from long ago – where the focus was squarely placed on the character of RoboCop, and his desire to change what seemed like an inevitable future. That approach emphasized the character’s humanity through selfless nobility. This story – based on this first issue, in any event – is focused more on the world of the Terminator, and how RoboCop finds himself trapped in it. It’s an interesting angle, to be sure, and writer Rob Williams does come up with a few bits to emphasize the specific abilities of both leads."

Newsarama's Deniz Cordell gives a full overview.


Ridley Scott Talks 'Prometheus'

Originally billed as an Alien prequel Prometheus is now a stand alone film.

I'm excited. When I was a kid Ridley Scott was one of my favorite directors. Mainly because of Alien and Blade Runner, but I also loved Legend and some other of his films. I actually searched for and watched every movie he had directed up until about 1993. Yeah, I was a strange child. I've continued to follow his career, but not as obsessively. I'm glad he has returned to science fiction.

Here's the official line on Prometheus:
"Visionary filmmaker Ridley Scott returns to the genre he helped define, creating an original science fiction epic set in the most dangerous corners of the universe. The film takes a team of scientists and explorers on a thrilling journey that will test their physical and mental limits and strand them on a distant world, where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life’s ultimate mystery."
Mr. Scott addresses Comic-Con:

Interview With 'Prometheus' Writer Damon Lindelof

The Daystrom Institute for Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game FASA

These are custom rules to be used with Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game FASA. See my other rules and how these fit in: Custom Character Generation for FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game, FASA Star Trek RPG Master Skill List, Writing Side Game for FASA Star Trek, Betazed University of Psychology and Psionics for FASA Star Trek: RPG, University Skill System for Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game (FASA).

Okay, these are still experimental rules. I haven't played with them yet and they may be too powerful. I'm going to make a character with them soon. But for now enjoy!

The Daystrom Institute
The Daystrom Institute is one of, if not, the most respected academic institutions in the galaxy. Characters who attend are considered experts in their field. Minimum INT 90 and an INT roll is required to attend. The courses are intensive and demanding allowing little time for extracurricular activities. The programs are more specialized than other Universities because DI only produces leaders in their fields.

Characters who attend DI do not have to attend Branch School only the 1.5 Academy Core.

Length: 6 years

Computer Operation 40
Investigation: Research 30
Instruction 30
Leadership 10
Drafting 20

Great Galactic Literature 30
Great Galactic Music 30
Federation Culture/History 10
Federation Law 10
Two Outside Electives 10

Player must choose ONE Program


School of Pathology
Pathology 60
Pharmacology 40
Chemistry 40
Any General Medicine 60

Small Equipment System Operation 20
Life Support Tech 20
Botany OR Genetics OR Exobiology OR Biology 60 (Must be divided, no more than 40 to one skill)
School of Archeology

Archeology 60
Anthropology OR Sociology 60
Two Minors 30 (Any Social Sciences OR Trivia OR Language OR Mining)
Two Other Fields 20 (Any Social Sciences OR Trivia OR Language)
Small Equipment System Operation 10
Geology OR Exobiology OR Any Trivia 30 (Can be divided as player wishes)
Any Culture/History 60 (Must be divided, no more than 40 to one skill)

School of Computer Science
Mathematics 60
Computer Science 60
Cybernetics 30
Mechanical Engineering 30
Two Other Fields 20 (Any Physical Sciences OR “Tech” Skills other than Comp and Elec Tech)

Computer Operation 30
Computer Technology   30
Electronics Technology  20
School of Theoretical Propulsion

Warp Drive Technology 60
Astronautics 60
Mathematics 60
Physics 60
Computer Technology   20
Electronics Technology  20
Mechanical Engineering 20

School of Geology and Mining
Geology 60
Mining 60
Metallurgy 30
Hydrology 30
Demolitions 30

Mining Sys Op 30
Mining Sys Tech 20
Archeology OR Ecology OR Mathematics 40 (Can be divided as player wishes)

School of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering 60
Electronics Tech 60
Mathematics 60

Drafting 30
Civil Engineering 30
Any Three “Tech” Skills 60 (No more than 40 to one skill)
All Programs receive Advanced Study

Advanced Training INT/10 round down 1d10 (Must be a skill already possessed)

'The Walking Dead' Second Season Trailer

Just released yesterday at Comic Con! Here's the trailer for the second season of The Walking Dead.

First 'Thundercats' Clip

I'm even more excited about this reboot than I was about the Voltron one. This clip looks great. Though, I'm not a fan of brooding teens which seems like Lion-O has become. But, still, it looks amazing.

'Safelight 19' New British Post-apocalyptic TV Show

More post-apocalyptic sci-fi coming our way with British TV show. A comet has struck the earth and the dust has blotted out the sun. Mankind is going mad being in darkness. Sound good? Check out the teaser.


'Another Earth' Trailer

This looks interesting. It's getting a lot of press in the last couple of days. It may be a bit understated for me, but it's worth a look.

Behind the Scenes of 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'

Three great looks into the production of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

'Into the Valley' Short Post-apocalyptic Horror Film

First Image from 'Prometheus'

I'm really hoping this is good. When I first heard "Alien Prequel" I was very worried. But now I'm hopeful.

New Hobbit Video Blog

The third inside look into the production of The Hobbit.

'The Amazing Spiderman' Trailer

Star Trek Online Revealed the Enterprise-F

Star Trek Online unveiled their design of the Enterprise-F yesterday. They had contest and it's design is based on a fan's concept. I'm glad it's a larger ship, but it has too much of the E in it. All in all, not bad. I would rather a more D inspired design, though.

A couple quotes to give you the idea:
The new Odyssey class represents the next stage of Starfleet Cruiser design, emphasizing stability and firepower while allowing for versatility in exploration. In the Star Trek Online timeline of 2409, the galaxy is embroiled in war with numerous threats to peace and stability. This Enterprise is designed to carry a message of peace, as well as to show the strength of resolve that forms the foundation of the Federation.

With twin necks and sleek curves, this vessel is larger than any previous Enterprise. It represents an overwhelmingly beautiful presence and is an inspiration to the fleet. With slight bows to the neck and nacelles, this ship flows through space with purpose.
Read more about the winning design or dive into the whole production diary.


'Metro: Last Light' Images

'Eater of the Sun' Post-apocalyptic Short Film

A strange little film I found. It's slick, I like it.

'Metro: Last Light' Teaser Trailer

I love anything post-apocalyptic. I haven't played any of these games, but I love the imagery.

'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Teaser Trailer


Four 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes" TV Spots

U.S.S. Enterprise Model

I want one of these so bad. It's five grand, but it looks worth every penny. The level of detail blows my mind.

Get the exact specs over at Trek Movie.