'Boba Fett' the Movie?

This seems to be just talk at the moment,  but I'm worried. I mean, I love Boba Fett. Or, rather, I did. But you all know what happened. No need to reopen old wounds.

Joe Johnston on what he wants to do:

“[George Lucas] is very generous with his toys, but he’s busy on other projects. I’d love to do a Boba Fett film but I’ll have to wait for George on that one… I don’t know if George is even aware that I’m amping up the interest in Boba. I hope so. I love the character and I think there’s a lot we could do with him … endless possibilities.” -Joe Johnston

Some years ago I would have been stoked to hear something like this. Even a rumor of a Boba Fett film would have put me in some sort of geek-induced stupor. Now, I just sigh. Though, I can't help but wonder what it would be like.

Maybe we'd get this:


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