The Daystrom Institute for Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game FASA

These are custom rules to be used with Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game FASA. See my other rules and how these fit in: Custom Character Generation for FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game, FASA Star Trek RPG Master Skill List, Writing Side Game for FASA Star Trek, Betazed University of Psychology and Psionics for FASA Star Trek: RPG, University Skill System for Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game (FASA).

Okay, these are still experimental rules. I haven't played with them yet and they may be too powerful. I'm going to make a character with them soon. But for now enjoy!

The Daystrom Institute
The Daystrom Institute is one of, if not, the most respected academic institutions in the galaxy. Characters who attend are considered experts in their field. Minimum INT 90 and an INT roll is required to attend. The courses are intensive and demanding allowing little time for extracurricular activities. The programs are more specialized than other Universities because DI only produces leaders in their fields.

Characters who attend DI do not have to attend Branch School only the 1.5 Academy Core.

Length: 6 years

Computer Operation 40
Investigation: Research 30
Instruction 30
Leadership 10
Drafting 20

Great Galactic Literature 30
Great Galactic Music 30
Federation Culture/History 10
Federation Law 10
Two Outside Electives 10

Player must choose ONE Program


School of Pathology
Pathology 60
Pharmacology 40
Chemistry 40
Any General Medicine 60

Small Equipment System Operation 20
Life Support Tech 20
Botany OR Genetics OR Exobiology OR Biology 60 (Must be divided, no more than 40 to one skill)
School of Archeology

Archeology 60
Anthropology OR Sociology 60
Two Minors 30 (Any Social Sciences OR Trivia OR Language OR Mining)
Two Other Fields 20 (Any Social Sciences OR Trivia OR Language)
Small Equipment System Operation 10
Geology OR Exobiology OR Any Trivia 30 (Can be divided as player wishes)
Any Culture/History 60 (Must be divided, no more than 40 to one skill)

School of Computer Science
Mathematics 60
Computer Science 60
Cybernetics 30
Mechanical Engineering 30
Two Other Fields 20 (Any Physical Sciences OR “Tech” Skills other than Comp and Elec Tech)

Computer Operation 30
Computer Technology   30
Electronics Technology  20
School of Theoretical Propulsion

Warp Drive Technology 60
Astronautics 60
Mathematics 60
Physics 60
Computer Technology   20
Electronics Technology  20
Mechanical Engineering 20

School of Geology and Mining
Geology 60
Mining 60
Metallurgy 30
Hydrology 30
Demolitions 30

Mining Sys Op 30
Mining Sys Tech 20
Archeology OR Ecology OR Mathematics 40 (Can be divided as player wishes)

School of Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering 60
Electronics Tech 60
Mathematics 60

Drafting 30
Civil Engineering 30
Any Three “Tech” Skills 60 (No more than 40 to one skill)
All Programs receive Advanced Study

Advanced Training INT/10 round down 1d10 (Must be a skill already possessed)


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