Starfleet Academy Leadership Structure

Ex astris, scientia - "From the stars, knowledge."
 - Starfleet Academy Motto


Usually held by a Vice Admiral. Duties: The equivalent of a college president. He oversees all of the school's functions.

Commandant of Cadets:

Usually held by a Captain. Duties: The Commandant of Cadets is responsible for the professional development and day-to-day activities of all Cadets. His title equates to the Dean of Students at a civilian university.

Academic Dean: 

Held by a civilian. Duties: Oversees the academic program and the faculty.

Board of Advisors:

Usually retired Admirals and sitting politicians. The Federation President chooses 6 members. The Federation Vice President chooses 3 members. Starfleet C-in-C chooses 2 members. The Federation Council Pro Tempore chooses 4 members. There a total of 15 members.

The Academy command structure is never really explained, so I took the structure from the US Naval Academy. I use this when playing FASA Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game.


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