Repo Men (2010)

What a provocative premise. What a talented cast. What a colossal waste. The ending almost saved it, but it was too little too late.

Repo Men is a movie that could have been. We get a weird Blade Runner-like media soaked world mixed with the suburbs and organ repossession no less. This should blow peoples minds. But, no, it feels limp and overly long. What happened?

The filmmakers caved. That's the only thing I can of think of. I haven't read the book, so I don't know how things were originally. But it had to more provocative. This seems to be a classic case of "make it more mainstream."

The producers should have known this could never be mainstream. It's too dark and has too much potential for provoking thought. This is not entertainment, this is social commentary. And it could have been brilliant social commentary at that.

Instead, we are left with characters that have no motivations and make life altering decisions for no clear reason, dialogue that explains everything before it happens and nothing is pushed to its shocking (and entertaining) conclusions.

Still, watch it and dream. Follow the logic for yourself and see what I mean.


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