Random Search Table for Star Wars RPG West End Games

Desk and closet searches always gave me a problem as a GM when playing Star Wars by West End Games. Here's a table of random items that can be found in desks, closets, footlockers or other small areas that I created.

The table is 1D100. I know the system is 6D, but I used the standard set of common RPG dice because it gives more freedom.


1-5. Data Plaque (empty)
6-10. Ring (value 1d20 credits)
11-15. Credits (2d6)
16-20. Comlink
21-25. Knife
26-30. Recording Rod
31-35. Necklace (value 2d20 credits)
36-40. Chronometer
41-45. Credits (3d6)
46-50. Breath Mask
51-52. Medpac
53-54. Glow Rod
55-56. Locket containing a picture (value 3d20 credits)
57-58. Knives (2)
59-60. Data Plaque (4, empty)
61-62. Credits (4d6)
63-64. Pocket Computer
65-66. Vehicle Toolkit
67-68. Bracelet (value 4d20 credits)
69-70. Vibroblade
71-72. Data Plaque (contains a file worth 1d6 x 100 credits)
73-74. Droid Toolkit
75-76. Necklace (value 5d20 credits)
77-78. Hold-out Blaster
79-80. Credits (6d6)
81-82. Sidrian Flame Gem (value 1d6 x 1000)
83-84. Computer Toolkit
85-86. Medpacs (1d4)
87-88. Security Toolkit
89-90. Blaster Pistol
91-92. Ring (value 1d12 x 100)
93-94. Necklace (value 1d20 x 100)
95-96. Data Plaque (contains a file worth 3d6 x 100 credits)
97-98 Credits (3d4 x 100)
99. Hold-out Blaster with 4D damage
100. Sidrian Flame Gems (1d4, value 1d6 x 1000 per gem)


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