Active Officer University Programs for Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game (FASA)

Starfleet wants the best people, right? A highly trained officer with fleet experience should be able to continue their education? The Next Generation Officer's Manual says Starfleet sends active officers for more training at universities. No rules were included. So, I made my own.

GM's be warned: Beyond here there be dragons. Rules like these and others have the potential of making super-powerful characters. Use them wisely.


Engineers, Science Officers, Counselors, Medical Officers are the most likely to attend an active officer program. But, a case can be made for other officers. Make your story good. Be creative. If you want your character to get extra training create a good back story. GM's love that stuff.

The six month program is good for characters that end up with an even number of cadet cruises. As you may know an even number of cadet cruises means the character's age is something like 36.5 or 42.5 which is a bit awkward. By allowing a player this option helps with their furstration. Players always hate when they fail the cadet cruise no matter how many times the GM tells them that it's not a problem. So if a character fails a cadet cruise tell the player not to worry he'll get some more skills.

Limit the number of programs a character can attend to two. But any combination is fine: two one year programs, two six month programs or one of each.

A player can choose any university he wishes.

Active Officer Programs

Six Months

One Major 20
One Minor 10
One New Skill 10

Advanced Training INT/2 then /10 round down 1d10 (Must be a skill already be possessed)

One Year

Two Majors 20
Two Minors 10
Two New Skills 10

Advanced Training INT/10 round down 1d10 (Must be a skill already be possessed)


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