Betazed University of Psychology and Psionics for FASA Star Trek: RPG

More university rules for FASA's Star Trek RPG.

These are for characters wishing to be Ship's Counselors, who would most likely be Betazoid. But Deltans could attend these programs since they are telepaths.

Of course, Humans could attend the University and be counselors, but would not have the empathic or telepathic advantage.

Vulcans would be a fansinating choice, but hard to play. They have all the mental abilities, but how do they relate to the emotional well being of the crew?

As GM work with the player to create an awesome character.

Betazed University of Psychology and Psionics

Four year doctorate prior to entering Starfleet Academy.

Gen Eds

Computer Operation 20
Artistic Expression 15
Language 15
General Philosophy 10
Betazoid Literature 20
Betazoid Music 20
Any Two Culture/History Skills 10

Five Outside Electives 10

Choose ONE School

School of Psychology

Two Related Majors 40 (Any Psychology)
Two Related Minors 20 (Any Psychology OR Social Science)
Two Other Fields at 10 (Any Trivia, Psychology OR Social Science)

Instruction 10
Neg/Dip 20

School of Psychiatry

Any Psychology 40
Any General Medical 40 (Must be same race as Psych)
Two Related Minors 20 (Any Trivia, Medical, Social OR Life Sciences)
Two Other Fields at 10 (Any Trivia, Medical, Social OR Life Sciences)

Instruction 10
Neg/Dip 20

Advanced Study (Both schools receive adv study)

Advanced Training INT/10 round down 1d10 (Must be a skill already possessed)

Special Rules

Some players may not wish to attend Starfleet Academy, but still wish to serve as counselors. These rules help create that type of character.

The program is an eight year undergrad and doctorate combined.

After graduation characters enter Starfleet with the rank of Lt., but it is honorary. An honorary rank means the character is afforded the respect and privilege of the rank but not the authority. This means a ship's counselor with the honorary rank of Commander would have to obey the orders of an Ensign in all non-health related matters.

Character creation would proceed like so: Create attribute scores and pre-academy skills according to the rulebook. Skip the Academy, Cadet Cruise, Department Head and Command School sections and use the skill table below. Then continue with the post- academy experience until character is complete (including skill advancement).

Betazed University of Psychology and Psionics - Advanced Civilian Program

Gen Eds

Computer Operation 40
Artistic Expression 30 (Any combination)
Language 30 (Any combination)
General Philosophy 10
Betazoid Literature 20
Betazoid Music 20
Betazed Cult/Hist 15
Betazed Law 15
Any Two Culture/History Skills 10
Federation Cult/Hist 10
Federation Law 5
Instruction 10
Leadership 10

Fifteen Outside Electives 10

Choose ONE School

School of Psychology

Four Related Majors 40 (Any Psychology)
Four Related Minors 20 (Any Psychology OR Social Science)
Four Other Fields at 10 (Any Trivia, Psychology OR Social Science)

20 Divided between any skills new or possessed
Neg/Dip 30
Language 30 (Any combination)

School of Psychiatry

Any Two Psychology 40
Any Two General Medical 40 (Must be same race as Psych)
Four Related Minors 20 (Any Trivia, Medical, Social OR Life Sciences)
Four Other Fields at 10 (Any Trivia, Medical, Social OR Life Sciences)

20 Divided between any skills new or possessed
Neg/Dip 30
Language 30 (Any combination)

Advanced Training (Both schools receive adv study)

Advanced Training INT/10 round down X2 1d10 (Must be a skill already possessed)


Qel'Narin Answers Viewer Mail

Qel'Narin takes a break from reviewing Star Trek episodes to anwser fan mail. This is fan mail answered the only way a galactic overlord can answer it.


Thor (Trailer)

I don't know what to make of this. I never read the Thor comics. I always stuck to Spiderman, Wolverine, Batman and Green Lantern (I loved Firestorm too, but no one even knows who he was anymore).

The movie sure looks slick. I wonder if it'll find an audience. Oh, I know it's got a huge marketing campaign. But fantasy superheroes don't seem to work well in the mainstream. I guess if they make magic mean technology they'll have a chance.

Source Code (Trailer)

I've been looking forward to this movie for a while now. I read the screenplay and it was a pretty cool ride. Let's hope they pulled it off well.


KRAZE Wins at DIY Film Festival

The Haitian movie, KRAZE, I've been promoting in the sidebar has won BEST WORLD CINEMA FEATURE HONORABLE MENTION at the DIY Film Festival.

I just wanted to give a shout out to my friends who made it and say congratulations. Even though it's not scifi it's still a cool flick and deserves any awards it wins. Check out the official site or just watch the trailer below.

Cockpit: The Rule of Engagement (Trailer)

This is the trailer to a short film that's been burning up the festival circuit. The filmmaker is hoping to get a feature made. All I know is that it's about space fighter pilots and Ronny Cox is in it. So, that's enough for me. Besides that it really looks cool.

Visit the official site and read about all the awards it has won. It'll take awhile!


Star Trek: The Animated Series

As a child I became aware watching Star Trek: TOS. Nobody in family watched it except me. Don't know why I watched it really. I just loved it. And it was on TV a lot. A TV station ran it and Battlestar Galactica right after Saturday morning cartoons. I'd soak it in and then go out to play. Then TNG started it's run when I was 13 and I never missed an episode.

But I was never able to watch The Animated Series. No station ran it in the area I grew up. Once on a family trip I caught two episodes in a hotel. Everyone else hated it, but it was my turn to pick something to watch.

I never saw it again until last week. I've just finished gorging myself on every episode (man, I love DVD technology).

All in all, I enjoyed it very much. The pacing took some getting use to as everything develops slowly. (I must be getting use to topic shifts and quick cutting.) The animation is also lacking. Not the art--the art is fantastic--but the animation. Lots of still shots and reused cells. I understand why. It's the most difficult and most expensive part of the process.

The best thing about the series, though are the stories. Drawing from regular Star Trek writers they managed to create something unique. I don't think there was a bad story in the bunch. They were several I didn't care for, but none were poorly done. My favorites are The Ambergris Element, The Slaver Weapon and Yesteryear.

Star Trek: The Animated Series is available on DVD for only $20! If you want to know more check out this awesome fan site.

"The Devil in the Dark" Review by Qel'Narin

Qel'Narin loves himself some Horta in this new review. He also takes on human arrogance and does a bit of reminiscing.


Priest Trailer

Post-apocalyptic priest vampire hunters? I'm for it!

This looks crazy. I've never read the graphic novel, but it seems like it could be a nice premise. Some cliche camera angles, but all in all looks good.

Your Highness Trailer

Not sure what to make of this. It looks great, but I find myself wishing it wasn't a comedy.

New Voltron Show Coming Soon

Voltron gets a makeover and will be defending the universe this spring. Look for Voltron Force on Nicktoons.

Voltron formed a large bulk of my childhood. I watched it every day after school. I even created new characters, wrote stories and put together a pitch for another season. Not bad for a nine year old. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing the update.

Join the official Facebook page, visit the official site or follow on Twitter.


Green Lantern Trailer

As a kid I loved the Green Lantern, so when I heard they were making a live-action movie got worried. It's a tough character and world to do right, especially in this day and age.

We have no heroes and personal flaws are not only pointed out, but celebrated. Filmmakers seem incapable of creating a heroic figure. (Though, I'll give Sam Raimi credit for breaking that mold with his Spiderman films.)

The trailer looks, but whole responsibility arc seems disturbing. I know why they did it. But, it's just so simplistic and cliche.

Captain American: The First Avenger Trailer

I'm still not sure what to think about this movie. Looks cool, but the concept seems tough to pull off. I hope they prove me wrong.

X-Men: First Class Trailer

This looks pretty good. Hopefully, it's a fun movie.


"Encounter at Farpoint" Review by Qel'Narin

Qel'Narin, Observer of Earth, praises the pilot of Star Trek: The Next Generation the only way he can.


DC Universe: Fractured Future Trailer

Wow. I'd like to be more eloquent, but I'm still in shock. I totally geeked out after watching the new DC Universe: Fractured Future game trailer.

Why, oh why, is this not an animated movie?

'Superman Classic' Fan Film

Professional animator, Robb Pratt, has created a nice little Superman fan film.


Sanctum Review

Just came across this review of the James Cameron produced Sanctum. I'm interested in checking this movie out. The scenery alone looks awesome, so if it's a fun adventure it'll be all the more worth watching.

Review: James Cameron's 'Sanctum' is Flawed, But Still an Adventure

Terra Nova Trailer

Terra Nova certainly looks slick. I really hope this is a cool show.

I am a little disturbed by Mr. Braga's comments that altering earth's timeline is of no concern. It seems that the reboot fever has spread from Hollywood to everything. Let's reboot earth's history!

Still, like I said, I hope this is a cool show. It looks great.


TNG Security/Tactical for FASA Star Trek RPG

With all the changes in TNG bridge positions and the lack of coherent FASA RPG rules I've made another new branch school.

This time I've combined Security and Communications as well as added Starship weapons to form the Security/Tactical Branch School.


Follow all character creation rules. Players wishing to be Security Chief or Tactical Officers choose the Branch School below.

The school is 2.5 years.

Security/Tactical Branch School

Environmental Suit Operation 10
Federation Law 5
Marksmanship, Modern Weapon 20
Personal Combat, Unarmed 20
Personal Weapon Tech 5
Psychology, Native 10
Security Procedures 40
Small Unit Tactics 20
Starship Weaponry Operation 30
Deflector Shield Operation 20
Communication System Operation 20
Starship Sensors 20
Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics 10
Computer Operation 20
Damage Control Procedures 30

TNG Bridge Specialist for FASA Star Trek RPG

As most know the bridge positions went through a major change from the Original Series to Next Gen. The rules for Next Generation characters provided in the FASA system are loose at best. The First Year Sourcebook was, in my opinion, rushed. It contains confusing rules, unexplained skills and what appear to be typographical errors.

So, I made my own Bridge Specialist Branch School. In TNG Ops and Conn are cross trained, so officers need Helm and Naviagtion training. Here's the new school rules.


All character creation rules are followed only the chart below is used for the officers choosing to serve as Bridge Specalists.

The school is 2.5 years.

Bridge Specialist Branch School

Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics 10
Starship Helm Operation 40
Starship Sensors 40
Warp Drive Tech 10
Computer Operation 20
Computer Tech 10
Space Science*
     Astrogation 40
     Two Others 10
Shuttlecraft Pilot 20

ST:TNG "Remember Me" Reviewed by Qel'Narin

Qe'l Narin loses it over this episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and flies into a rage. Learn what what set him off in this episode featuring Dr. Crusher.


Science Fiction/Fantasy TV Shows 2011

What new science fiction/fantasy TV shows are coming this year? Zombies. Vampires. Fairy tales. Paranormal. Angels. Time travelers. Comic book heroes. And cops. Oh, yes, lots of cops. Why cops? Not really sure. If I see another cop show I'm going to scream.

Here's the long list of shows that have been green lit or are in development.


Massive Guillermo del Toro Interview

The New Yorker has profiled Guillermo del Toro in a massive article that touches on many films in his career. The insights are deep and many. If you study film or even have the slightest interest in del Toro's it is a must read.

Show The Monster


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in 60 Seconds

Just came across this and haven't stopped laughing yet. I love it when fans do stuff like this.

John Carter of Mars (2012) Halfway Complete

Here's a short bit on the upcoming John Carter of Mars movie from director Andrew Stanton. John carter of Mars is, of course, based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs series of "Barsoom" novels that began in 1917. I've read them all and am eagerly awaiting this new film.

Just for fun:

Here's an animation test for a purposed film from the 1930's.

Someone walked around the set of the new movie with a video camera to get this behind the scenes look.

Some great images. I'm not sure what project these are from, but they are great.

Pandorum (2009)

I just watched Pandorum last night and I really enjoyed it. Nothing too original or unique (if you read a lot of science fiction), but still a nice science fiction film. The cast is great and so are the sets. But the story really stands out. A sleeper ship is sent out to colonize a new world, but something goes horribly wrong.

Though, the thing that sets this apart from other lower budget sci-fi movies is that there is dramatic tension. The director and the cast work together to create a believable atmosphere of suspense that pulls the viewer along for the ride. If you're trolling Netflix for a decent sci-fi flick this is it.

Check out the official site for some clips, wallpapers and cast/crew bios.