TNG Bridge Specialist for FASA Star Trek RPG

As most know the bridge positions went through a major change from the Original Series to Next Gen. The rules for Next Generation characters provided in the FASA system are loose at best. The First Year Sourcebook was, in my opinion, rushed. It contains confusing rules, unexplained skills and what appear to be typographical errors.

So, I made my own Bridge Specialist Branch School. In TNG Ops and Conn are cross trained, so officers need Helm and Naviagtion training. Here's the new school rules.


All character creation rules are followed only the chart below is used for the officers choosing to serve as Bridge Specalists.

The school is 2.5 years.

Bridge Specialist Branch School

Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics 10
Starship Helm Operation 40
Starship Sensors 40
Warp Drive Tech 10
Computer Operation 20
Computer Tech 10
Space Science*
     Astrogation 40
     Two Others 10
Shuttlecraft Pilot 20


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