TNG Security/Tactical for FASA Star Trek RPG

With all the changes in TNG bridge positions and the lack of coherent FASA RPG rules I've made another new branch school.

This time I've combined Security and Communications as well as added Starship weapons to form the Security/Tactical Branch School.


Follow all character creation rules. Players wishing to be Security Chief or Tactical Officers choose the Branch School below.

The school is 2.5 years.

Security/Tactical Branch School

Environmental Suit Operation 10
Federation Law 5
Marksmanship, Modern Weapon 20
Personal Combat, Unarmed 20
Personal Weapon Tech 5
Psychology, Native 10
Security Procedures 40
Small Unit Tactics 20
Starship Weaponry Operation 30
Deflector Shield Operation 20
Communication System Operation 20
Starship Sensors 20
Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics 10
Computer Operation 20
Damage Control Procedures 30


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