Star Trek: The Animated Series

As a child I became aware watching Star Trek: TOS. Nobody in family watched it except me. Don't know why I watched it really. I just loved it. And it was on TV a lot. A TV station ran it and Battlestar Galactica right after Saturday morning cartoons. I'd soak it in and then go out to play. Then TNG started it's run when I was 13 and I never missed an episode.

But I was never able to watch The Animated Series. No station ran it in the area I grew up. Once on a family trip I caught two episodes in a hotel. Everyone else hated it, but it was my turn to pick something to watch.

I never saw it again until last week. I've just finished gorging myself on every episode (man, I love DVD technology).

All in all, I enjoyed it very much. The pacing took some getting use to as everything develops slowly. (I must be getting use to topic shifts and quick cutting.) The animation is also lacking. Not the art--the art is fantastic--but the animation. Lots of still shots and reused cells. I understand why. It's the most difficult and most expensive part of the process.

The best thing about the series, though are the stories. Drawing from regular Star Trek writers they managed to create something unique. I don't think there was a bad story in the bunch. They were several I didn't care for, but none were poorly done. My favorites are The Ambergris Element, The Slaver Weapon and Yesteryear.

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