Unaired Verison of ST:TOS Pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Discovered

New verison of "Where No Man Has Gone Before"? Bring it on! It will be included on the ST:TOS Season 3 Blu-ray.

From the press release:

This version of "Where No Man Has Gone Before" was completed in 1965 and features archived footage that was not included in the pilot episode ultimately broadcasted. Never-before-aired, this newly recovered version is believed to be what was originally screened for NBC, and the basis for their decision to broadcast STAR TREK®. ... "When we first discovered the original film print existed, we jumped at the chance to give STAR TREK fans the opportunity to add this never aired pilot to their collections," said Ken Ross, executive vice president and general manager of CBS Home Entertainment. "It will be a real treat for fans to see and hear how it all could have begun."

Here's a clip:


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