My Top 10 ST:TNG Episodes

I became aware watching Star Trek: The Original Series. I enjoyed Star Trek: The Motion Picture. I nearly worshiped Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. I loved Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. Then when I was 13 Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered. I was hooked. Every Saturday night at 10:30pm, I was in front of the TV. I watched each episode carefully noting the title, the writers, directors and even guest stars. Here are my favorites.

1) The Inner Light

Picard lives an entire life on an alien world in twenty five minutes. A moving story about memory.

2) The Ensigns of Command

Data has to convince settlers that they will be slaughtered if they don’t relocate. Finely acted, finely written and finely directed.

3) The Measure of a Man

Data is put on trial to see if he has the right to choose. Powerful and thought-provoking this episode is capped off with a tour-de-force performance by Patrick Stewart.

4) Q Who?

Q introduces the Enterprise to the Borg. And nothing will be the same again. A terrifying challenge to human arrogance.

5) Conspiracy

Homage to 50’s sci-fi paranoia, this episode was scary when I first watched it. Parasitic aliens almost undo the whole of Starfleet.

6) Brothers

Simply excellent. An expertly crafted story of two sets of brothers trying to figure out what being brothers mean. Brent Spiner plays three roles to perfection.

7) Contagion

Picard rushes to solve a mystery that destroyed his friend’s ship and crew. An exciting adventure that leads the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone and to a world with remains of a people long dead.

8) A Matter of Honor

Riker serves aboard a Klingon vessel and has to face the Enterprise in battle. A nice glimpse into Klingon culture featuring the wonderful guest star, Brian Thompson.

9) Heart of Glory

Another great episode about Klingons. A fantastic look at Worf’s character early in the series with several cool fight scenes.

10) Tin Man

What’s with all the Tin Man hate? A Google reveals people all across the internet saying that this is a bad episode. Have they not seen The Game or The Royale? Or any episode in seasons six or seven (except Lower Decks)? The story is exciting and unique. It also features a musical score that is haunting and adds immensely to the atmosphere.

Honorable Mentions:
Reunion, The First Duty, Deja Q, Legacy, Datalore and Home Soil


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