My Top 10 ST:TOS Episodes

Every fan of Star Trek has their favorite episodes, so I thought I’d throw out mine. I don’t like to mix series, so all of these will be from Star Trek: The Original Series.

1) A Taste of Armageddon

I’m breaking with tradition here. Usually, The City on the Edge of Forever is ranked as the best episode. But there is something about this episode that stands out. This was made when science fiction still had an edge. This episode cuts deep and makes you think. What TV show can say that? The message: only the horrors of war teach us the pleasures of peace.

2) Balance of Terror

Essentially, a World War II story set in space. This episode teaches us about prejudice and foolishly seeking glory.

3) The City on the Edge of Forever

Usually, number one pick this episode is certainly a well crafted and moving story. Love and time collide forcing us to remember that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

4) The Devil in the Dark

Given a hard time for dated special effects this episode still raises above many others. The arrogance of man is coupled with the fear of the unknown. Something lurks in the dark mines. Is it friend or foe? Or do we even ask?

5) Operation: Annihilate

An underrated gem this episode is a classic science fiction tale of terror. Alien parasites destroy all life, including Kirk’s own brother. In a battle for survival only one side can win.

6) Space Seed

Two words: Ricardo Montalban.

7) A Piece of the Action

A send up to gangster movies, this episode proves to be a rowdy good time.

8) Amok time

A look into Vulcan culture as Spock’s dark, illogical side emerges. An arranged marriage goes sour and Spock is forced to fight Captain Kirk to the death.

9) The Trouble with Tribbles

A hilarious romp that doesn’t let up for a second complete with Klingons, fuzzy alien creatures, barroom brawls and spies. What else do you need?

10) Journey to Babel

A visit from Spock’s parents is complicated with an assassin on the loose.

Honorable Mentions:
Court Martial, Arena, Mirror, Mirror and The Galileo Seven

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