'Jack's Life' - C.S. Lewis Biopic

C.S. Lewis is getting a new biopic. Jack's Life will telling the story of the beloved author. Here's a bit about the new film from Lewis scholar Terry Glaspey:

"Lewis is best-known, perhaps, for his wonderful storytelling. But his own life story is definitely a story worth telling. While it contains no swordfights, talking lions, space travel, or bus trips to heaven, Lewis’s own life is filled with the drama of an ordinary life lived well in the face of intellectual challenge, professional disappointments, and deep personal loss. Though his life was ordinary, the man was anything but ordinary. I think it will be great fun and very interesting to see his story told in film.

I think what keeps Lewis so fresh and relevant is that he never tried to be relevant. He was looking to communicate a timeless message. And unlike a lot of religious writers who are dogmatic and preachy, he was witty, intellectually engaged, whimsical, and very creative. Lewis had such a deep and powerful vision of what the world looked like through believing eyes that some readers can get caught up in the vision before they even realize that they are hearing the old eternal truths of the gospel."

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