Enterprise Captain's Quarters

I designed the Captain's Quarters for my captain character. The scale is off a bit in some places, but the idea comes across.

These are the quarters of Captain Fowler Garrett and his wife, Irulan. I created them for a FASA Star Trek role-playing game campaign. The vessel is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-I. The windows on the port side look out into space. The balconies overlook the Green Ring.

The layout can also serve a template for three bedroom Staterooms aboard our vessel. (Minus unique features of course.)

For more background info check out the Ready Room.


Most of the quarters reflect Irulan's tastes who is a civilian diplomat and a painter. She has decorated the rooms with her own artwork and some of her brother's who is a renown sculptor. She has claimed the two smaller bedrooms making one her office and other her art studio.

Fowler has kept the library as his own sanctuary. It serves as his off-duty office and is where he writes most of his books. The forward wall contains many books and ancient earth nautical navigation instruments that he has collected. The display is capped off with a magnificent antique globe of Earth. In the forward port corner is a 3-D chess table for his weekly games with Commander Emet, his first officer.

The Reading Well serves as his "Man Cave" and contains many books. It is his favorite place to play his guitar.


Byteknight said...

Are you new to role playing in general? I find the fleshing out of the room kind of cute and reminds me of all the fleshing out I did nearly 30 years ago.

I think everyone who really really "gets" rpging at the beginning does this above and beyond sort of thing (it's a form of solitaire play for the GM). All in all though, creativity is good. Thumbs up.

LCS said...

New to RPGs? No. I played my first nearly 30 years ago as well. I just love this campaign.

And I'm self-employed, so when I get free time during the week I waste it shamelessly.

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