Enterprise Ready Room for Star Trek RPG (FASA) Campaign

Okay, so being able to play FASA's Star Trek RPG again may have gone to my head. I designed a lavish Ready Room for my Captain character. The design may be a bit over the top. But, hey, this is my fantasy!

Ready Room
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-I 

The Ready Room roughly divides into three sections: Office, Conference and The Pit (as Captain Garrett likes to call it).

The Office area contains a love seat and a chair for more comfortable interviews. Captain Garrett's desk is surrounded by a bookcase featuring his favorite volumes and artifacts he's collected from various dig sites.

The sunken Conference area allows the Captain to be briefed on important matters at times when meeting in the main conference room is impractical. The centerpiece is a table that's top is a slice from the heart of an ancient oak tree. It was finely crafted by Captain Garrett's father, David.

The Pit is a sunken and secluded retreat from the demands of commanding a ship the size of the Enterprise. It contains a couch and two large chairs which makes it perfect for moments of relaxation as well as more intimate meetings with key staff. It is surrounded by bookcases and aquariums that are capped with a mahogany shelf. The aquariums are populated with saltwater fish from earth. The bookcases are filled with favored books and artifacts from his travels.

Main Artwork

Artwork #1 - A stunning photograph of Machu Picchu.

Artwork # 2 - A stone panel featuring Assyrian archers.

Artwork # 3 - A photograph of the mysterious ruins of Sacsayhuaman.

USS Enterprise Two Mast Model

USS Enterprise World War II Model with Aircraft and Personnel

Life-size Terracotta Warrior - A gift from the University of New Paris' Archeological Department for giving a commencement address.

Celtic Wall Hanging

Statue - A bust of Julius Caesar - A gift from Captain Data for faithful and devoted service as a first officer.


Our campaign takes place about 50 years after the events in Nemesis.

The Enterprise-I is a huge city in space modeled somewhat after the D. The saucer section is punctuated by a large multi-deck atrium called "The Green Ring." It forms a beautiful park system for the enjoyment of the crew, but also serves as a hub for scientific endeavors involving plant life from across the galaxy.

Total personnel numbers 5,884 with about 1,700 of those being civilians.

The Federation is in an era of great exploration and the new Enterprise class flagship reflects that spirit of wonder and adventure.

Captain Fowler Garrett is Deltan/Human. His father is Australian. His mother and father separated when he was 12. Fowler was raised on an asteroid mining ship mainly by his father. He attended high school on the planet Independence Core where his Deltan half got him into some trouble.

Fowler settled down and attended the University of New Paris taking a degree in Archeology and Anthropology.

He joined Starfleet and attended the Academy. He become an outstanding and popular officer raising through the ranks quickly.


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