Star Trek: Aurora

If you are a Star Trek fan, please do yourself a favor. Watch the fan created, Star Trek: Aurora and do it now!

Join a merchant captain and her faithful crew mate in a finely-crafted story that will make you long for more.    

Star Trek: Aurora does not disappoint!


RobC said...

I liked it!

I should say I'm not a fan of CGI animation. I find the characters at times robotic in their movements and the clothing unnaturally tight. You can see the women's ribs! Still, these are technical issues which I'm sure in the future will improved upon. I mean, look how far we've come since "Money for Nothing."

What made the movie great was the story. The story and the characters are what Star Trek is all about and they've nailed it. The Yorktown was such a fantastic plot twist and as the Science officer explained what happened I was literally yelling out, "This is so Trek!"

LCS said...

I couldn't agree more. I'm not a fan of CGI either, but this was simply a great Star Trek story.

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