Enterprise Ready Room for Star Trek RPG (FASA) Campaign

Okay, so being able to play FASA's Star Trek RPG again may have gone to my head. I designed a lavish Ready Room for my Captain character. The design may be a bit over the top. But, hey, this is my fantasy!

Ready Room
USS Enterprise NCC 1701-I 

The Ready Room roughly divides into three sections: Office, Conference and The Pit (as Captain Garrett likes to call it).

The Office area contains a love seat and a chair for more comfortable interviews. Captain Garrett's desk is surrounded by a bookcase featuring his favorite volumes and artifacts he's collected from various dig sites.

The sunken Conference area allows the Captain to be briefed on important matters at times when meeting in the main conference room is impractical. The centerpiece is a table that's top is a slice from the heart of an ancient oak tree. It was finely crafted by Captain Garrett's father, David.

The Pit is a sunken and secluded retreat from the demands of commanding a ship the size of the Enterprise. It contains a couch and two large chairs which makes it perfect for moments of relaxation as well as more intimate meetings with key staff. It is surrounded by bookcases and aquariums that are capped with a mahogany shelf. The aquariums are populated with saltwater fish from earth. The bookcases are filled with favored books and artifacts from his travels.

Main Artwork

Artwork #1 - A stunning photograph of Machu Picchu.

Artwork # 2 - A stone panel featuring Assyrian archers.

Artwork # 3 - A photograph of the mysterious ruins of Sacsayhuaman.

USS Enterprise Two Mast Model

USS Enterprise World War II Model with Aircraft and Personnel

Life-size Terracotta Warrior - A gift from the University of New Paris' Archeological Department for giving a commencement address.

Celtic Wall Hanging

Statue - A bust of Julius Caesar - A gift from Captain Data for faithful and devoted service as a first officer.


Our campaign takes place about 50 years after the events in Nemesis.

The Enterprise-I is a huge city in space modeled somewhat after the D. The saucer section is punctuated by a large multi-deck atrium called "The Green Ring." It forms a beautiful park system for the enjoyment of the crew, but also serves as a hub for scientific endeavors involving plant life from across the galaxy.

Total personnel numbers 5,884 with about 1,700 of those being civilians.

The Federation is in an era of great exploration and the new Enterprise class flagship reflects that spirit of wonder and adventure.

Captain Fowler Garrett is Deltan/Human. His father is Australian. His mother and father separated when he was 12. Fowler was raised on an asteroid mining ship mainly by his father. He attended high school on the planet Independence Core where his Deltan half got him into some trouble.

Fowler settled down and attended the University of New Paris taking a degree in Archeology and Anthropology.

He joined Starfleet and attended the Academy. He become an outstanding and popular officer raising through the ranks quickly.

Star Trek Mistakes

Here are a few crazy videos I stumbled across on YouTube. Some of the "mistakes" are just nitpicking. Some are just movie and TV junk. But some are downright hilarious.

I never noticed the paper in "Elementary, Dear Data." But I remember watching "Where Silence Has Lease" for the first time when it aired thinking why did they just drop "The Immunity Syndrome?"


13 Assassins (Trailer)

Swords + War + Samurais + Miike = Crazy awesome movie!

Apollo 18 (Trailer)

This seems pretty cool. Horror on the Moon. Sweet.

I Am Number Four (Trailer)

Hmm... I don't know what to make of this. Teen drama? A Jumper remake?

Hobbit Begins Filming

After many delays filming began on The Hobbit this week. And I'm excited! I want this to be good.

Check out this article for cast and other info.


Do Deltan Males have Hair?

We all know Detlan females are bald, but what about males? This leads us to one of life's unending questions: Do Deltan males have hair?

It seems at one point they were supposed to have hair, but things changed along the way somewhere. Several novels claimed Detlan males have crazy long hair. Several aliens in the feature films started as Deltans, but are now referred to as Efrosians.

A Deltan male? Or Efrosian?

The president is Efrosian? Maybe Efrosian Deltan?

Could his wife be bald under that headgear?

It seems the Efrosians have carried the day and Deltan males are bald. Though, we may never know the truth.

More on the topic:
Deltans - Memory Alpha and  Memory Beta
Efrosians - Memory Beta and Memory Alpha
The Truth about Efrosians - An amazing article on the topic pulling together information from a number of sources.


Cartoon Network's Lineup Revealed

Cartoon Network unveils it's new lineup of shows. And it looks good! Quite a slate of shows including a Thundercats reboot.

Here are some of the other titles:

The Problem Solverz
Secret Mountain Fort Awesome

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Looney Tunes Show
Level Up
Green Lantern: The Animated Series
DC Nation
How to Train Your Dragon
RedaKai: Conquer the Kairu
Lego Ninjago

Read more about the shows.

New Falling Skies Trailer

Check out the new trailer for the alien invasion TV show Falling Skies.

I'm looking forward to this show. Though, I'm a little concerned. I just hope they cover some new ground.

Star Trek: Qel'narin - "The Galileo Seven"

Qel'Narin reaches back into TOS to give us another gem of a review.


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (Trailer 2011)

Certainly a must see. I love the screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. I love Depp. I love pirates!


New Voltron Force Images

A few newly released images from the Voltron reboot. Voltron Force will debut on Nicktoons very soon, but I haven't heard the official date yet.

The Eagle (Trailer)

I'm going to have to check this out. Though, I'm worried. No one has been doing historical movies right for a long time.

Hanna (Trailer 2011)

Hanna looks to be a solid addition to the "little girl assassin" genre. The trailer is quite good.  Hopefully, the filmmakers can maintain believable action throughout.


Konga (1961)

Michael Gough's passing yesterday got me to thinking about this old movie. Konga is a wonderful King Kong ripoff.

I saw it for the first time when I was maybe 9 or 10 and I loved it. It had a hint of mystery, a lost in Africa back story, murder, man-eating plants and an ever growing ape. It lived in my memory as dreamlike images until a few years ago. I came across it on TCM and loved it once again.

Many aspects of the production are weak of course. The matte work and the ape suit are quite fake. Gough gives a great performance though and makes Konga more than worth watching. He was truly a marvelous mad scientist.

Check it out if you dare!

Qel'Narin Reviews Star Trek:The Original Series Episode "Return to Tomorrow"

Qel'Narin's rant this week will leave you breathless and wanting more!

Hmmm, okay...

Maybe not that, but his emotional outburst over the destruction of a being he respected is not to be missed!


William Shatner should talk Watson into destroying himself!


Qel'Narin Reviews the Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode "Hide and Q"

Qel'Narin dissects the first season episode "Hide and Q." He has quite a bit to say about Q and even Data's interpretation of Shakespeare. Not to be missed!


Voltron Bidding War

It seems the all but dead live-action Voltron movie is now a hot commodity. A number of companies are furiously bidding on who will finance (and then control) the property. The bidders include Relativity Media among other heavyweights.

Producer Charles Roven (The Dark Knight) and screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan the Barbarian remake) have been developing a script.

If interest continues at this rate we may see a Voltron feature film in theaters by 2013.

Terra Nova Tidbits

Mr. Braga dropped a few morsels concerning the story possibilities of Terra Nova, the new epic scifi TV show from Fox.

"The look and feel of the show will be unlike anything people have seen before," said Braga. "It's a fascinating conglomeration of futuristic technology in the distant past."

He continued: "The look of these technologies in a prehistoric setting is pretty cool, but having said that, [the characters] don't have all the luxuries [of the future]."

Will the characters still be connected to the 22nd century?

"We won't do standalone stories in the future, but the future will play a part," he explained. "There will be connections to the future that are very mysterious and ongoing, but only as they relate to our characters."

Source Digital Spy


Super 8 (Trailer)

I'm looking forward to this just because of the marketing campaign. Looks like a nice retro alien scifi. Cool.

Though, it looks like it is going the alien encounter filled with wonder route like Close Encounters or ET. I'm not sure if that will work for today's audience. But what do I know?

Paul (Trailer)

Not sure how I feel about this movie. I like my science fiction pretty straight. But this comedy looks quite funny.


Qel'Narin Raves About the Star Trek Girl Music Video

Qel'Narin couldn't resist responding to the Star Trek Girl Music Video.

Star Trek: TNG Episode "Code of Honor" reviewed by Qel'Narin

Qel'Narin enjoys a cat fight to the death and Tasha Yar in the review of "Code of Honor."


The Tree of Life (Trailer)

Terrence Malick is a visual poet. He can tell a story only with images. This won't be mainstream. It won't make a lot of money. A lot of people won't "get it." But, I know it will be an amazing film.

Sucker Punch (Trailer)

Honestly, I don't know what to say. Just watch it.