SyFy's 'Almighty Thor'

I haven't seen this yet. But, I probably will. Why? Because I hate myself.

No, no. That's not true. I don't hate myself. I love watching bad movies, because they make me feel so good.

You see, I make movies. Mine are bad, so seeing ones that are equally bad gives me perverse pleasure.

The trailer gives me goosebumps.

Awesome review of Almighty Thor.


Spider Spinotti said...

Watched about 3/4 of the SyFy Channel movie, then had to go pick up Arianna from work.
Could not get myself to go back to the DVR and watch the last 1/4, so deleted it.
Nuff said!!

LCS said...

It's now streaming on Netflix. I may try it out at least for a few minutes.

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