Twenty Minutes into the Future...

For 14 exciting weeks when I was in Junior High those words in the post title started off one of the most unique TV shows ever: Max Headroom. Most people remember the Coke ad campaign featuring the computer video jockey, but the TV series is where real stuff was going down.

Cyberpunk before cyberpunk was cool, this show and it's technological commentary shattered the mold. Ground-breaking and even visionary, this show predicted much of our world looks like now. Twenty-four hour news? Check. The Internet? Check. Constant adverting? Check. Video pirates? Check. Five hundred TV channels competing for ratings? Check. And much, much more.

Visionary? Ground-breaking? Unique? Strange? So of course it was canceled after only 14 episodes. TV networks still haven't changed. If a show is ahead of it's time it has to go. You have to make room for that new cop show, right?

Finally though, Max Headroom is officially on DVD. If you've never seen it check it out now. Here's Max on You Tube.


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