Avatar Breaking Records

I saw it. It's awesome. See it in 3-D now.

Here's a cool article about the box office.


G.I. Joe Intro

More 80's memories. I had so many of the action figures it was silly.

Thundercats Intro

I'm staying with 80's cartoons. Thundercats was awesome back in the day.


Voltron Opener

This show shaped my childhood and also probably helped to warp my mind.


David Lynch Turned Down Return of the Jedi?

This caught me by surprise. I would have never thought Lucas would have offered Jedi to Lynch. I'm not surprised to hear that Lynch turned it down, though. He would not have had any creative control.


The Lost Skeleton Returns Again Gets Distro!

I'm a very happy man. The Lost Skeleton Returns Again will get a DVD release. Check the official news here.


Buck Rogers Web Series Coming Soon

The creative team behind Star Trek: Phase II is producing a Buck Rogers web series. It will feature Bobby Quinn Rice from Phase II and Gil Gerrard from the 70's Buck Rogers series. Find out more here. Check out the teaser: